Animal of the day – 5/21/2012 – The Horseshoe Crab

The Horseshoe Crab

The animal of the day is the Horseshoe Crab. (Did you know:  In the 1900s, horseshoe crabs were dried for use as fertilizer and poultry food supplements before the advent of artificial fertilizers!

Horseshoe crabs can swim upside down in the open ocean using their dozen legs (most with claws) and a flap hiding nearly 200 flattened gills to propel themselves.

Baby horseshoe crab swimming upside down style!

A horseshoe crab’s tail, though it looks scary as a mo-fo, is not a weapon. Instead, the tail is used to plow the crab through the sand and muck, also acting as a rudder and to help the crab flip over if it accidentally tips over!


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