Animal of the day – 3/6/2013 – The Apatosaurus Ajax

Apatosaurus Ajax

Apatosaurus Ajax

The animal of the day is the Apatosaurus Ajax. (Did you know: Oh snap, did I just take it to the ole school? Nope, I took it to prehistoric school! This is one of my favorite dinosaurs! It was mistakenly named the Brontosaurus until scientists got their ish together and realized they were mixing up bones.

One of my favorite childhood memories includes this lil guy who is an apatosaurus named Little Foot. If you don’t know the movie, you need to check your priorities.

:-)As long as three school buses back to back, and a heavy as 8 elephants this is one of the largest land animals to ever exist on the planet earth! Can you imagine how big it’s poops were?!


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