Animal of the day – 3/7/2013 – The Potato Bug

The Potato Bug

The Potato Bug

The animal of the day is the Potato Bug aka the Jerusalem cricket. (Did you know: Talk about a misnomer! These guys aren’t crickets (they’re in a family all their own that’s closer to grasshoppers), and they aren’t found anywhere near Jerusalem. They’re native to America and Mexico!

It's Navajo name 'Tsiitsʼiin łichíʼí means 'Red-Skull'

It’s Navajo name ‘Tsiitsʼiin łichíʼí means ‘Red-Skull’

I can’t find out for the life of me why they’re called potato bugs, I suspect it’s something to do with their big butts…Worry not, they aren’t venomous, but they do have a painful bite and are known to emit some smelly odors when troubled.


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