Animal of the day – 1/24/2014 – The Vicuña

VicuñaThe animal of the day is the Vicuña. (Did you know: These cute bad boys are the smallest member of the Camel family, and are native to South America! It’s closely related to the llama, and alpacas but can handle much higher altitudes and is a great climber!

Due to it’s soft luxurious fur, it was almost hunted to extinction [A scarf made from it’s wool is worth about $1,500 US!], but is now protected and is making a come-back! (but don’t call it a come-back, they’ve been there for years!)

Also, they’re the national animal of Peru!

P.S. Sorry for my absence and lack of posts folks! Life got a little bit crazy in the land of Simbania.


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