Animal of the day – 1/30/2014 – The Naked Mole Rat

article-0-14D90002000005DC-639_634x463The animal of the day is the Naked Mole Rat. (Did you know: Boy oh boy is that a face only a mother could love… These natives of East Africa are special for a couple reason.

– For their size, they live almost 9 times as long as they should. In comparative terms, a mole rat the equivalent of 92 human years, still has the muscle mass and bone density of a 21 year old.
– Mole rats are one of the only two eusocial mammals known (the other one is the damaraland molerat). This means that it lives in colonies with a reproductive queen and sterile workers. Remind you of something? Honeybees!

20071026pets_naked_mole_rats_006_500And did I mention it’s skin doesn’t feel pain? Holy smokes! Still doesn’t stop it from looking like something out of my nightmares…


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