Animal of the day – 2/25/2014 – The African Wild Dog

The animal of the day is the Lycaon pictus aka African Wild Dog. (Did you know: In the carnivorous hunting world, these guys are the Mafia. They are the MOST efficient hunting carnivore on the planet, with 85% of their hunts ending in a kill. Compare this with lions (~ 30%) and wolves (~40%) and even Killer Whales (~55%) and hands down, these guys are the ‘top dogs’ (pun intended).

African-wild-dog-1To put this in persepective, if a pack of African Wild Dogs (packs can be as large as 50 individuals) wants to kill you,  you’re gonna die. They use the same strategies Marines and Army use to hunt their prey. This includes ambushing, flanking, and pre-planning routes that they will chase their prey down in order to corner them.

They also make great parents and have pretty darn cute pups.

And unlike silly Hyenas, these guys are smart enough to not f*ck with lions, instead they keep a wide berth and use their large groups to dissuade lions from trying to steal their kills.


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