Book of the Moment – Wild Cards 1 – by multiple Authors (edited by George R.R. Martin)

Ok, don’t get too excited you Game of Thrones fans! This book is not written only by George R-Reezy Martin, but it does include a couple short stories by him. The whole book is a collection of short stories written by multiple authors (including some of my favorite guys like Roger Zelazny and Lewis Shiner), but all within the same world and  same characters. It’s amazing how all the authors bring their own funk and style to their individual parts while staying in the same world!

Long story short, this book is like if the X-Men were real. It’s about a crazy alien virus that infects humans, making some super human, and some into mutated freaks. Great read if you love sci-fi, fiction, and great story telling in general! AND, it’s just the first in a ‘trilogy’ of sorts, so there’s more to go after you read this one! It’s cold outside! Go get this book and curl up by a fire!


Animal of the day – 02/26/2014 – The Green Mamba

Green MambaThe animal of the day is the Green Mamba. (Did you know: The smallest member of the Mamba family, they are actually closely related to cobras, but don’t have a rattle!

These snakes are completely arboreal and are rarely not found in a tree! If you see one on  the ground it’s because it’s trying to evade predators (not much messes with these rather poisonous snakes). They are born, mate and die in trees!

GreenMambahatching2It’s eggs are typically laid in a hollow tree with some decaying vegetation providing extra warmth, once hatched, the baby snake immediately heads for the leaves!

These guys are very poisonous and are hard to detect in their native habitat. I advise if you’re somewhere in the jungles on the east coast of Africa, just don’t go climbing random trees.