Animal of the day – 03/05/2014 – The Thomson’s Gazelle

The animal of the day is the Thomson’s Gazelle. (Did you know: I’m not a fan of naming animals after the person who ‘discovered’ them. So for the rest of this post, we’re gonna call these bad boys Tommie G’s.

Tommie G’s are the most widespread gazelle in East Africa, and they have a unique way of ‘intimidating’ predators called ‘pronking’. They make athletic leaps displaying how fit they are, basically daring a predator to f*ck with em. (Of course when[and I can’t imagine this working very often] this doesn’t work, like all gazelle, they can haul ass).

While they can’t outrun a cheetah outright, Tommie G’s can outlast them in a long chase and can turn much quicker. Didn’t help it this time though…



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