Animal of the day – 03/06/2015 – The Female Killer Whale


The animal of the day is the Female Killer Whale. (Did you know: Ok, First of all, this post is just about FEMALE Killer Whales, I’m saving general Orca’s for a future post.

I read something today that blew my mind. Did you know, female Killer Whales go through menopause? Ok, that didn’t blow my mind. What blew my mind was learning that of all mammals, only humans, killer whales and pilot-whales go through menopause! All other mammals can reproduce until they pass away!


It’s called the ‘Grandmother hypothesis’. Scientist theorize that with long living mammals (like humans) after a certain age, it makes more sense to take care of your children’s children than putting your body through the stress of having new babies. Holy cow (but keep in mind, cow’s make babies till they die).


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