Book of the Moment – Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig


The book of the moment is Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Before we even get into it, this book is amazing. So when Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, they also wiped out ALL of the previously made books and side stories so that they could start anew.

They did however start a new ‘Journey to Star Wars’ series…you know what, just go here.

Back to the book, and as there are spoilers (kinda? I think? I dunno). I’ll continue talking about it after the break (I know some people are avoiding any possible hints to what may or may not be in the movie)

Oh man! So much stuff! The dark side & Empire has lost (have they? yeah. they did) And the New Republic is slowly taking over the galaxy. The books starts with people pulling down statues of Emperor Palatine and spends most of the time quenching your thirst as to what happens right after the 2nd Death Star blows up. The politics in this book are just amazing.

If you love reading books AND love Star Wars AND already have tickets to see the movie, this book is a must read.

Tie fighters – check

Awesome battles – check

Bounty hunters – check (sorry to say, no Bobba Fett…though there is a mysterious reference to his armor…tingles)

Jedi & Sith? – nope. they’re all dead and as far as most of the empire knows, they’re just a myth.

Hans Solo – check

Chewie – check

You know what, just go read the book, and wait for the movie.




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