Animal of the day – 12/08/2015 – The Green Iguana


The animal of the day is the Green Iguana. (Did you know: Iguana’s are the largest lizards in the Americas! But fear not, these guys are herbivores; they are not interested in biting or attacking you silly humans unless you pull it’s tail or are generally being annoying. [Note: That tail is actually used in self defense, it will ‘punch’ it’s attacked with it’s still tail!]

Iguana’s have a third eye!! It doesn’t capture images, but instead can detect changes in light and is used to detect the shadow of predators from above! Hawks especially prey heavily on iguanas.

It's called the Parietal Eye

It’s called the Parietal Eye

Although they are stable and safe on trees, they may occasionally fall down. Iguanas can survive fall from the height of 40 to 50 feet without injuries.

Iguana’s are also great swimmers. They are freqeuntly found near water and can spend 28 minutes under the water without returning to the surface to breathe air.




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