Animal of the day – 08/04/2016 – The Sea Lion


The animal of the day is the Sea Lion. (Did you know: Not to be confused with seals, Sea Lions are much more mobile on land as their flippers can rotate much more than seals can.

They can move so well on land as a matter of fact, that they can out run a human [you]! And in the water they will straight up embarrass Michael Phelps as they can swim up to 25mph.

The life expectancy of sea lions shows one of the biggest divides between males and females with females living almost twice as long as males. Males live to be about 18, but females can live on to be 30 plus years!


Females live longer because they get to cuddle with the cutest pups ever!


Book of the Moment: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child


The Books of the Moment is The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne.

Ok! First of all, this book is amazing. It’s important to note that while it is a bundle of pages with words on it, it’s a SCRIPT, not a book. 2nd, it’s not 100% written by J.K. and you can pick up on that with some of the dialog.  If you can accept those caveats you are in for an amazing continuation of the legend of Harry Potter.

Best ‘thing’ I’ve read ALL summer! Go get this book, your wand and some chocolate frogs and let the magic wash over you! Welcome back to the world Harry & crew, you were missed!

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