A Movie Post – Justice League

Well, it was a movie. I guess, kinda a good one? (yeah, a good one. go see it) Here’s where the spoilers start, so click or go no further! [Like for real, don’t go further cuz I’ll be mentioning stuff that if you haven’t see the movie, you’ll be mad/sad/glad/rad]


It went from being too deep and real life human stuff, to just crazy fighting with super-humans (and Batman), then back to something boring.

I absolutely love the work of art that J. Whedon and Z. Snyder have made but it feels like the just are trying to fight a battle with Marvel that is, meh, not even a battle anymore. [Just go and be creative and don’t worry about Marvel movies, shoot, you have Wonder Woman, Superman AND Batman.]

I really felt like I was watching a weird mash-up of Firefly and the Avengers. It felt weird.

Yup, not like the Avengers at all…Wait.

I’m not saying it’s a bad movie, it’s just comes across as catching up to the Marvel Comic Universe, and just not being able to pull it off. Funny thing is, the way they crammed the backstories of the new characters in is way better than the rest of the movie.

I wish the DCU would try to find a niche, stick with it. And how DARE they give a short glimpse of a Green Lantern!?

Last thing I’ll say is Aquaman is the shiz-nit.



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