Animal of the day – 05/06/2015 – The Goliath Birdeater


The animal of the day is the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. (Did you know: I actually like spiders (I try not to kill them in my house unless there’s a screaming woman demanding death.

But oh hells no, dude, you are too big [shoot on site].

Though named the bird eating spider, it actually rarely eats full grown adult birds, and when it does, it’s more likely a small bird like a hummingbird or a baby bird.

Cash rules everything around me...wait, no this spider rules everything...

Cash rules everything around me…wait, no this spider rules everything…

Native to South America, this spider is part of the local cuisine, prepared by singeing off the urticating hairs and roasting it in banana leaves.

Animal of the day – 04/29/2015 – The Fox bat


For like, 2 seconds I thought that dude was Obama

The animal of the day is the Fox Bat. (Did you know: Ok. I’m going to need this bat to not be the scariest large sized bat that’s not defending Gotham before I can even comment on it.


Everybody needs a cuddle buddy


Worry not, fear citizens of Gotham, this bat is completely herbivorous and won’t attack you unless you are holding a delicious mango at night. (don’t hold delicious mangoes at night.)


Animal of the day – 03/24/2015 – The Ili Pika


The animal of the day is the Ili Pika. (Did you know: Daaammmnnn son, calm down. You’re killing em’ with cuteness!

These guys (and gals) are relatives of the Rabbit family. Like some rabbits, they eat their poop (not so cute anymore huh), which are soft green pellets to gain extra nutrition. And, let’s make them less cute once more; they are known to store dead birds in their burrows during winter to eat. But I thought they were herbivores!?

I swear Pikachu must have gotten his name from these guys…

Animal of the day – 03/06/2015 – The Female Killer Whale


The animal of the day is the Female Killer Whale. (Did you know: Ok, First of all, this post is just about FEMALE Killer Whales, I’m saving general Orca’s for a future post.

I read something today that blew my mind. Did you know, female Killer Whales go through menopause? Ok, that didn’t blow my mind. What blew my mind was learning that of all mammals, only humans, killer whales and pilot-whales go through menopause! All other mammals can reproduce until they pass away!


It’s called the ‘Grandmother hypothesis’. Scientist theorize that with long living mammals (like humans) after a certain age, it makes more sense to take care of your children’s children than putting your body through the stress of having new babies. Holy cow (but keep in mind, cow’s make babies till they die).

Animal of the day – 11/07/2014 – The Elk


The animal of the day is the Elk. (Did you know: These 2nd largest of the deer family used to roam all over America, but, well, you know…humans like to hunt. Now they can mostly be found on the Western half of the United States, though there are some large populations in Michigan (Go Blue)!


Something weird about Elk as opposed to other deer are that scientists believe the elk’s ivories (large canine teeth) are rudimentary tusks!

Also, they are delicious.

Also, they are delicious.

Animal of the day – 11/04/2014 – The Black Dragonfish

The animal of the day is the Black Dragonfish. (Did you know: The females are 8 times as long as the males! The ladies measure about 40 cm, the males about 5cm. Huge case of sexual dimorphism!


Like many deep sea fish, the black dragonfish can produce its own light. However, unlike almost all the other bioluminescent organisms in the ocean, it can glow and perceive a red as well as blue-green light.

Their babies are CRAZY, the eyes of the larvae are carried on long stalks that retreat as the fish reaches maturity and the eyes are nested in sockets.

Animal of the day – 9/17/2014 – The Ring-Tailed Lemur


The animal of the day is the Ring-tailed Lemur. (Did you know: Unlike mammals in general, and primates in particular, Ring-tailed lemurs are matriarchal! More power to the ladies!!

Found only on is African island of Madagascar, scientist believe lemurs got there by floating on palm fronds a long long time ago. Ring-tailed Lemurs are also highly social.

A ring-tailed lemur and her two cubs dis

Plus, the look hilarious when they run…

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