Animal of the day – 08/27/2015 – The Peregrine Falcon

The animal of the day is the Peregrine Falcon. (Did you know: Ok buddy, slow down. Just cuz you’re the fastest animal residing on the planet Earth doesn’t give you reason to look so cocky.

TECHNICALLY, you're not the fastest animal on the planet. Holla at me after you birds figure out how to build space shuttles and cars than can go 760mph. Homo Sapiens FTW!

TECHNICALLY, you’re not the fastest animal on the planet. Holla at me after you birds figure out how to build space shuttles and cars than can go 760mph. Homo Sapiens FTW!

These mid-air speed devils hit their prey going almost 250mph, so much like car accidents it’s not the speed that kills you, it’s the shock of stopping. When those talons hit their prey in mid-air, they are driven into their prey with so much impact that the prey is shocked to death.

Peregrine falcons even have a third eyelid to handle the high speeds they hit while flying [it helps spread their tears out and keep those amazing eyes focused before the falcon delivers those death blows].

Keep in mind, there are other really fast birds out there (I’m looking at you Golden Eagle), but the Peregrine is fastest in a dive. Though Golden Eagles and Albatrosses have higher maximum sustained horizontal flight, so…If I ever get shrunk down to the size of a bird-riding elf, I’m probably gonna get me a Golden Eagle, and just use my Peregrine Falcon on the weekends to show off to those cute elf chicks.

Animal of the day – 07/15/2015 – The Gray Fox


The animal of the day is the Gray Fox. (Did you know: One of these clever foxes managed to find it’s way into my recycling bin as I got home tonight, and I caught it licking the remnants of some vanilla bean ice-cream from the container! [note: Gray foxes like vanilla bean ice cream?]

What especially sets these foxes apart from not only other foxes, but all members of the dog family in general is that it has the amazing ability to climb trees! Hence, it’s other name, the ‘Tree Fox’.

They are so agile in trees that when they climb down, they can go either head or tail first! And, it’s been known to make tree hollows a den for it’s litter, keeping them nice and high up off the ground and safe from harm!

Like all fox babies, they are called kits. And holy smoke,s that is one adorable kit!

Like all fox babies, they are called kits. And holy smoke,s that is one adorable kit!


Animal of the day – 07/13/2015 – The Waterfall Toad


The animal of the day is the Waterfall Toad. (Did you know: This tiny toad can’t jump well like most frogs and toads, so to escape danger high up in the trees, it just falls down!

It’s got a trick up it’s sleeve (literally)! It has opposable super grippy thumbs that it uses to catch a branch on its way down as it falls! Who do you think you are toad? A primate?!

Animal of the day – 07/12/2015 – The Babirusa


The animal of the day is the Babirusa. (Did you know: Oh boy, these guys are pigs among pigs! Yes, they are related to regular ole pigs that we are used to, but these guys will eat ANYTHING!

Plants, fruits, insects, slugs, fish, small mammals, carrion, and yup, they’ll even eat other smaller Babirusa’s!! The only member of the pig family that is so hungry it’ll resort to cannibalism!

Aww snap! I will eat your babies!

Aww snap! I will eat your babies!

Those fancy tusks seem to have no purpose (originally thought to be used for courtship battles between males, this was dis-proven when scientist observed they do that by rearing on their hind legs and boxing). And those same tusks, if not used and worn down regularly can grow into their skulls! Geez…Eat, be eaten or impale yourself with your own tusks. Your choice Barbirusa! Hairy-babirusa-portrait-1_zpsa470dcfa

Animal of the day – 05/06/2015 – The Goliath Birdeater


The animal of the day is the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. (Did you know: I actually like spiders (I try not to kill them in my house unless there’s a screaming woman demanding death.

But oh hells no, dude, you are too big [shoot on site].

Though named the bird eating spider, it actually rarely eats full grown adult birds, and when it does, it’s more likely a small bird like a hummingbird or a baby bird.

Cash rules everything around me...wait, no this spider rules everything...

Cash rules everything around me…wait, no this spider rules everything…

Native to South America, this spider is part of the local cuisine, prepared by singeing off the urticating hairs and roasting it in banana leaves.

Animal of the day – 04/29/2015 – The Fox bat


For like, 2 seconds I thought that dude was Obama

The animal of the day is the Fox Bat. (Did you know: Ok. I’m going to need this bat to not be the scariest large sized bat that’s not defending Gotham before I can even comment on it.


Everybody needs a cuddle buddy


Worry not, fear citizens of Gotham, this bat is completely herbivorous and won’t attack you unless you are holding a delicious mango at night. (don’t hold delicious mangoes at night.)


Animal of the day – 03/24/2015 – The Ili Pika


The animal of the day is the Ili Pika. (Did you know: Daaammmnnn son, calm down. You’re killing em’ with cuteness!

These guys (and gals) are relatives of the Rabbit family. Like some rabbits, they eat their poop (not so cute anymore huh), which are soft green pellets to gain extra nutrition. And, let’s make them less cute once more; they are known to store dead birds in their burrows during winter to eat. But I thought they were herbivores!?

I swear Pikachu must have gotten his name from these guys…

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