Book of the Moment: Ms. Peregrines home for peculiar children


Book of the moment: Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

This is probably the best book I’ve read in one sitting since JK Rowling’s Harry Potter & Sorcerer’s Stone.

The story is engulfing. The characters are thought out and amazing. the setting is amazing, and the world created is marvelous. I tried to just read a chapter at a time, but ended up reading the whole book. (oh, and there’s pictures…alot of pictures, and the pictures make the book alive)


The True Power of Dumbledore’s Deluminator

As I was re-listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on audio book today, I hit a huge realization!

Dumbledore left Ron the deluminator that he invented. Originally, we see this device in the first book when Dumbledore uses it to suck out the street lamp lights. We’re lead to believe that all this device does is absorb light, and return light, but Ron Weasley finds the device true purpose when he’s separated from his closest friends.

While thinking about his friends, when they mentioned his name, he was able to hear their conversation through the device, almost like a radio! The magic doesn’t stop there, as the deluminator will also revealed where his friends were, and gave him a ball of light to use to apparate right where they were located! This happened a couple times, but that wasn’t the mind blowing part.

If Dumbledore had this device all this time, whenever he was thinking about someone close, and they were talking about him, could he also hear them like Ron did? Wow, because if so, he must have known/heard alot about what Harry thought about him! Perhaps it was even this device that called Fawkes to Harry to save him in Book 2 when he was battling Riddle and sticking up for Dumbledore?!

The CIA got nothing on Albus Dumbledore!

Re-Watching Harry Potter Movies – What to look for!

In anticipation for the movie coming out tomorrow, at the simbania house we are re-watching movies 1-6. And as I was watching I wanted to point out some important points that happened in each movie/book to look out for!

Spoiler alert so click the More button below to see the whole post! (Unless you’re a Muggle, in which case, just keep on scrolling down and wait for the Harry Potter craziness to die down.)

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