Animal of the day – 08/04/2016 – The Sea Lion


The animal of the day is the Sea Lion. (Did you know: Not to be confused with seals, Sea Lions are much more mobile on land as their flippers can rotate much more than seals can.

They can move so well on land as a matter of fact, that they can out run a human [you]! And in the water they will straight up embarrass Michael Phelps as they can swim up to 25mph.

The life expectancy of sea lions shows one of the biggest divides between males and females with females living almost twice as long as males. Males live to be about 18, but females can live on to be 30 plus years!


Females live longer because they get to cuddle with the cutest pups ever!


Book of the Moment: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child


The Books of the Moment is The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne.

Ok! First of all, this book is amazing. It’s important to note that while it is a bundle of pages with words on it, it’s a SCRIPT, not a book. 2nd, it’s not 100% written by J.K. and you can pick up on that with some of the dialog.  If you can accept those caveats you are in for an amazing continuation of the legend of Harry Potter.

Best ‘thing’ I’ve read ALL summer! Go get this book, your wand and some chocolate frogs and let the magic wash over you! Welcome back to the world Harry & crew, you were missed!

Book of the Moment: Ms. Peregrines home for peculiar children


Book of the moment: Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

This is probably the best book I’ve read in one sitting since JK Rowling’s Harry Potter & Sorcerer’s Stone.

The story is engulfing. The characters are thought out and amazing. the setting is amazing, and the world created is marvelous. I tried to just read a chapter at a time, but ended up reading the whole book. (oh, and there’s pictures…alot of pictures, and the pictures make the book alive)

Animal of the day – 03/25/2016 – The Cone Snail

The deadly geographic cone snail

The animal of the day is the Cone Snail. (Did you know: Oh my goodness, beauty betrays the beast. These wonderfully colored sea snails are predators (other snails eat vegetation, these guys hunt for meat!)


Because all cone snails are venomous and capable of “stinging” humans, live ones should be handled with great care or preferably not at all.


These snails use something similar to a needle to inject their poison into small fishes, but the larger versions can inject enough poison to kill a human (that would be you, unless you’re an alien reading this post. If so I hope ur Superman!)

Turtle vs rabbit vs snail. I’m gonna go with the snail! (assuming this race was underwater)

Animal of the day – 12/08/2015 – The Green Iguana


The animal of the day is the Green Iguana. (Did you know: Iguana’s are the largest lizards in the Americas! But fear not, these guys are herbivores; they are not interested in biting or attacking you silly humans unless you pull it’s tail or are generally being annoying. [Note: That tail is actually used in self defense, it will ‘punch’ it’s attacked with it’s still tail!]

Iguana’s have a third eye!! It doesn’t capture images, but instead can detect changes in light and is used to detect the shadow of predators from above! Hawks especially prey heavily on iguanas.

It's called the Parietal Eye

It’s called the Parietal Eye

Although they are stable and safe on trees, they may occasionally fall down. Iguanas can survive fall from the height of 40 to 50 feet without injuries.

Iguana’s are also great swimmers. They are freqeuntly found near water and can spend 28 minutes under the water without returning to the surface to breathe air.



Book of the Moment – Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig


The book of the moment is Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Before we even get into it, this book is amazing. So when Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, they also wiped out ALL of the previously made books and side stories so that they could start anew.

They did however start a new ‘Journey to Star Wars’ series…you know what, just go here.

Back to the book, and as there are spoilers (kinda? I think? I dunno). I’ll continue talking about it after the break (I know some people are avoiding any possible hints to what may or may not be in the movie)

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Animal of the day – 10/30/2015 – The Electric Eel

electric-eelThe animal of the day is the Electric Eel. (Did you know: Get ready for some shocking facts! [Sorry, some puns simply have to be used]

First of all, talk about misnomers, these aren’t even eels! They’re a member of the knifefish family!

Second, being electric ain’t easy! Electric knifefish (sorry, I just can’t call it an eel anymore) cram all of their body organs into about 20% of their body and use the rest for to make that amazing electric battery that can deliver up to 600 volts of electricity.

See that part called 'viscera' in the top part? That's ALL it's body orgrans!

See that part called ‘viscera’ in the top part? That’s ALL it’s body organs!

Now I’m no electrical engineer (ha! wait, I am!) but 600 volts can be compared to about 5 US standard household sockets which is are each 110 volts, or stepping on the third rail of a train line which is about 650 volts. And also, there’s also something to be said about amperage vs wattage, yada yada yada.

Either way, a shock from an electric knifefish can kill a human, though normally it’s not from stopping the heart or the fact that it can burn your skin, but from making you pass out so you drown. It ain’t the fall that kills you, it’s the stopping at the end.

Lastly, for reproduction the male electric knifefish truly spits game to get a female. In the dry season, a male electric knifefish makes a nest from his saliva into which the female lays her eggs. As many as 3,000 young hatch from the eggs in one nest.