Animal of the day – 9/23/2010 – The Pygmy Three-toed Sloth

Pygmy Sloth! Please ignore that persons fingernail. gross. This one is just a baby!

The animal of the day is the Pygmy Sloth. (Did you know: This is a species of sloth that was marooned on one island off the coast of Panama in the Caribbean. There are only like 300 of these guys left on the planet! It’s tiny size is the result of insular dwarfism.

And this is a grown-up!


14 thoughts on “Animal of the day – 9/23/2010 – The Pygmy Three-toed Sloth

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I know I have begged to have a tiger and a turtle, bunny, whatever. But no, this..THIS is the animal I HAVE TO HAVE. I mean…how cute can they be? And you don’t have to do much to care for it, it’s a sloth!

  2. 01010111011011110111011100100001001000000101010001101000011000010111010000100000011010010111001100100000011100010111010101101001011101000110010100100000011101000110100001100101001000000110001101110010011001010110000101110100011101010111001001100101001011100010000001010100011010000110100101110011001000000110001001101100011011110110011100100000011010010111001100100000011000110110111101101111011011000010000001110011011010010110110101100010011000010010111000100000010101000110100001100001011011100110101101110011001000000110011001101111011100100010000001110100011010000110010100100000011000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001001000000110001101101111011011100111011001100101011100100111001101101001011011110110111000100000011101000110100101110000001011100010111000101110

  3. Awwwww… he’s so huggy!! I want one too! Cute, cute, cute! P.S. 0101010001100001011110010110110001101111011100100010110000100000011110010110111101110101001000000110001101110010011000010110001101101011001000000110110101111001001000000111001101101000011010010111010000100000011101010111000000101110

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