Animal of the day – 1/17/2019 – The Sehuencas water frog

The animal of the day is the Sehuencas water frog. (Did you know:  This a story of romance… This frog species has so few left, they’re not even endangered anymore. They’re a step away from extinction.

But love finds a way! (with the help of humans appparently)


Animal of the day – 1/07/2019 – The Anteater

The animal of the day is the Anteater. (Did you know: Their tongues are bananas [not the fruit, but straight crazy].
They start at the anteater’s breastbone and can extend up to two feet long. Their tongues are also covered in backward-facing spines and super-sticky saliva for maximum bug collection.

Oh, and Salvador Dali used to just stroll around with one… Cuz, you know. You gotta strut your anteater yo.

P.S. Happy Birthday! 

Animal of the day – 1/04/2019 – The Scaly-foot gastropod

The animal of the day is the Scaly-foot gastropod. (Did you know: This delightful snail lives in hydrothermal vents deep deep in the ocean.

See those pretty shells? They’re iron!

The water in these vents are high in sulfides and metals, which the snails have incorporated into their shells. The entire animal is covered in iron compound, mainly pyrite, also known as “Fool’s gold” and greigite. As greigite is magnetic, the animal actually sticks to magnets.

The foot is also unusual, being armored at the sides with iron-mineralised sclerites (those things on the bottom)!

Animal of the day – 12/21/2018 – The Stonefish

The animal of the day is the Stonefish. (Did you know: Unlike other fish, the stonefish can survive outside of water for 24 hours! [Helpful if they get trapped in an evaporating rock pool during low tide].

These fish are among the most venemous in the world. However! Their venom is protein based, so it breaks down when cooked.

Deadly but delicious!

They come in a variety of colors to match different environments. (rocks, coral, sand).

Island(s) of the day – Trinidad & Tobago

The Islands of the day are Trinidad and Tobago. (Did you know:

  1. We are not Jamaicans.

    We don’t sound the same, and the distance between us is about 2,000 miles. about the same as if you thought someone from Boston was from Texas. The Caribbean is huge.

  2. The steel pan was invented in T&T and is considered the only instrument invented in the 20th century.
  3. Ugh. Nicki Minaj.
  4. Smallest country to ever make it into the World Cup! (It’s not soccer, it’s football.)
  5. Marvelous beaches that we keep on the hush…

    Tell no one…

  6. No hurricanes. (knock on wood). T&Tis south enough that they avoid most of those. (The isalnds are a part of the South American continent that broke away [Triniexit] a while ago.) Not saying we don’t get em, but the last big one was in 1933.
  7. Oil rich baby!! Trinidad has an amazing economy, boosted by oil production (40% of Trinidad’s GDP)

Animal of the day – 12/12/2018 – The Bumblebee Bat

The animal of the day is the Bumbleebee Bat aka the Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. (Did you know: This is the smallest species of bat on the planet! This Thailand native is also recognized by some as the smallest mammal on the planet, though I really think that should be the Etruscan shrew  (apparently they are pretty much tied…they’re both tiny).

Fun fact! You know that flap of skin between the hind legs on bats? (also found on flying squirrels and pterodactyls) It’s called a ‘uropatagium’ and it aids in flying!

Animal of the day – 12/05/2018 – The Bobbit Worm

The animal of the day is the Bobbit Worm. (Did you know: Ahh, from the world of nightmares comes the bobbit worm. Remember that scene in Star Wars where they fly into what they think is an asteroid? Luke…this ain’t no asteroid.

Well I swear this worm is what it was based on.

The bobbit worm is an ambush predator that lies in wait, and then uses jaws strong enough to crunch through coral to catch their prey.

Oh! Never touch a Bobbit Worm; their body is composed of many nerve damaging bristles. Touch one of these bristles and you will have permanent nerve damage. Fun right?

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